Zoya Berber appeared for the first time after admitting that she was pregnant

In January, Zoya Berber, star of the TV series Real Boys, announced her second pregnancy. As it turned out, the actress will give birth to a son from actor Maxim Belborodov. The celebrity did not stop working, but she also stopped attending social events.

Zoya Berber. Photo: social networks

However, the actor could not miss the brand’s accessory offering for children. At the event, Zoya met the daughter of the singer Slava Alexandra Morozova, who published joint photos.

Alexandra Morozova and Zoya Berber. Photo: social networks

Let’s remember that Barber had previously said that he started thinking about his daughter’s future. Nadezhda was born in 2017 in the relationship between actor and screenwriter Alexander Sineguzov.

After breaking up with the girl’s father, Zoya met with Maxim. Despite the advice of his friends not to rush into marriage, the artist proposed to Berber after four months of dating.

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