The 5 scenarios that women like most in porn are not what you think

No, women’s fantasies are not limited to making love on a bed of flower petals at sunset. It’s exactly the opposite, if we are to believe this recent survey.

What are the preferences of women who like to watch porn?

The American erotic audio storytelling platform interviewed 300 of its adult users about the fantasies they enjoy most in porn and erotica. The results are partly surprising. While you might think that it’s traditional “vanilla” sex that excites women, they, like their male counterparts, have fantasies that are out of the ordinary. Here are the results:

  1. Trio (77% of respondents)
  2. Woman receiving cunnilingus (54%)
  3. Romantic sex (52%)
  4. Violent sex (also 52%)
  5. Dominance (50%)

You read that right: women (maybe you too, for that matter?) prefer to watch or fantasize about audio porn involving three partners rather than oral sex or romantic love scenes. How to explain it?

The trio, to free themselves from social norms

For Nazanin Moali, an American clinical psychologist and host of the “Sexology” podcast, this is not surprising. Questioned by the American version of Huffpost, explains that our sexual fantasies allow us to “combat feelings of inadequacy or insecurity.” Our sexual and erotic imagination therefore plays a crucial role: it allows us to fictitiously experience a sexuality of which we are ashamed, most of the time because social norms condemn it.

“For example, in a scenario involving a threesome, we can visualize ourselves as not only desirable, but also capable of satisfying multiple partners,” explains Nazanin Moali. This serves as a counterbalance to the insecurity imposed by society’s expectations. »

According to researcher Justin Lehmiller, also interviewed by Huffpost, the fact that threesomes are the number one fantasy for women – especially cisgender heterosexual ones – is not that surprising. On the other hand, he points out, if the latter trust in this fantasy, they are also the least likely to act and the least likely to maintain a positive experience if they take the plunge.

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A way to reclaim your sexual desire

It’s no wonder that cunnilingus, and oral sex in general, is such a common fantasy among women, experts say.

For Nazanin Moali, this practice is often taken into consideration “the supreme gesture of love and acceptance”. “For many women, this goes beyond just physicality, highlighting the importance of feeling valued and loved. This narrative resonates with the preference for adult content that accentuates emotional connections. »

So it’s no surprise that more than half of women like scenes (visual or audio) involving violent sex or domination. For sexologist and therapist Nicoletta Heidegger, this type of fantasy is explained above all by the fact that in everyday life women are often responsible for the home. Being dominated, and thus letting the man take the lead for once, can therefore be an attractive prospect.

For some, consuming this type of content can also be a way to reclaim their desires after having had negative sexual experiences.

“If you’re a woman, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced some type of nonconsensual encounter: unwanted stares, comments, or touching. Imagination is a place that allows us to tell our desires and stories and make them ours. It’s about creating a new narrative and corrective experience in our mind for painful experiences from the past. »

Nazanin Moali on Huffpost USA

Women and men: similar fantasies, but different expectations

Experts, however, express their surprise at not seeing gay and lesbian content included in this top 5, because the latter are generally popular with women.

As for whether cisgender heterosexual women and men ultimately have fantasies in common, the answer is… yes. For Justin Lehmiller it is above all “the way in which they interact with these desires” that differs. Cis women are therefore more sensitive to narrative, staging and story, while men are more attracted to more visually explicit content, containing different sexual positions or partners.

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