Kate Hudson got candid about relationships and co-parenting with exes

Kate Hudson has three children with different men. Son Ryder was born in 2004 from the marriage of actor and musician Chris Robinson; She gave birth to a son, Bingham, with common-law husband Matthew Bellamy in 2011, and daughter Ronnie in 2018. The girl’s father was the artist’s current boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa.

Kate Hudson Photo: Getty Images

The Hollywood star said that she managed to maintain warm relations with all her ex-lovers for the sake of their common children. As Kate herself admits, she is glad that fathers are involved in raising their heirs. “I think the unique thing about my life is that in this blended family, we all understand each other… The kids feel like they have a huge family,” Hudson explained.

Kate added that her ex-boyfriend’s daughters and Ronnie act like sisters. According to the actor, it is very rare for separated partners to exist without disagreements and major conflicts.

Kate Hudson with her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. Photo: Getty Images

Hudson admitted that she recently invited Bellamy to babysit her daughter, Lovella, from another marriage. When he spent time with the girl, he realized that having reliable people next to him is true happiness. “Everyone is open to this and understands that this is the most adult decision for children. And you can see it in them; they feel loved, they feel protected, they feel safe,” Kate summarized to People.

Source: People Talk

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