Olga Buzova told how her parents accompanied her to Dom-2 when she was 18 years old

Today is the day of memories and nostalgia for Olga Buzova (and not only because she repeats the same image from the first episode of “House-2”). TV presenter celebrates “20 years on TV”.

The presenter and singer couldn’t help but tell exciting stories about how her parents sent her to the project when she was eighteen. “St. Petersburg, which his father collected for the TV project about love “Dom-2”. An 18-year-old girl from St. Petersburg. I was going to build a house so I was wearing sweatpants. When I put on the skirt, my father said to me, “What are you doing, daughter, you are going to build a house.” “This is how I fell into your hearts,” the artist confessed.

There were also memories that Olga’s mother did not initially know that her daughter was leaving to pursue acting on television, and that she later learned of Olga’s short-lived smoking hobby and gave it up after three months.

For such an important event, he gathered a large number of his friends, including Victoria Bonya and her daughter, as well as colleagues and a large team of media representatives. By the way, as for the event itself: it was held in just three days.

Source: People Talk

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