“I remember his lips very well, his disgusting mouth”, 9 women accuse Alain Sarde of rape and sexual assault

The magazine “ELLE” has published an investigation that collects the testimonies of several actresses who accuse Alain Sarde of acts that can be classified as rape, sexual violence or harassment, between 1983 and 2003.

With the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, the MeToo of French cinema continues to flourish. This Monday, May 13, the magazine SHE has published a chilling investigation into the top producer Alain Sarde. Inside, nine actresses accuse the 72-year-old man of rape, molestation and blackmail between 1983 and 2003. None of the facts described have been the subject of any complaints, according to our colleagues. He refutes all accusations.

The same operating mode

One of the actresses interviewed, who wished to remain anonymous, says she was raped when she was only 15 years old, while Alain Sarde was 33. One afternoon in 1985, the actress went to the producer, near Parc Monceau in Paris, to get the role for a director’s film Robin Davis.

Alain Sarde compliments her, offers her some chocolates, before dragging her to bed, he says. “He jumped on me. I remember his lips very well, his disgusting mouth. He was ugly despite his well-groomed hands. It was beastly! He held me down and raped me. »remember.

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Another actress, who was 21 when she auditioned to star in a Jean-Luc Godard film, recounts the same procedure. She was offered chocolates before being attacked. “Suddenly, he stuffed the remaining piece into my mouth, flipping me backwards and laying on top of me. ». She manages to escape, the producer calls her to “slut” in his back.

Another woman confides She having been trapped, in 1990, in the premises of his production company, Sara Films, located on the avenue des Champs-Élysées, where he allegedly imposed a Fellatio on her “before wiping with a tissue. »

Alain Sarde refutes all accusations

Described as “the king of cinema”, the producer of David Lynch, Romano PolanskyOR Jacques Doillon, Alain Sarde has more than two hundred feature films to his credit. And what emerges from this investigation is also Alain Sarde’s power of influence on very young actresses. As evidenced by the testimony of this other alleged victim who was only 15 when she was around “the king of cinema” in 1985: “Very quickly, he explained to me that if I wanted to make it big (…), I had to be nice to him. I had no choice, I felt stuck. I was paralyzed by fear, he took advantage of this to brutally rape me from behind. I felt guilty”.

In the press release cited in The ParisianAlain Sarde denies all these accusations through his lawyer:“all lies, which attribute to him behaviors that he disapproves of and which are totally alien to him (…) He claims to have never used the slightest violence or coercion in his relationships with women whose consent has always been essential for him. ».

Furthermore, in 1997, Alain Sarde was indicted for “Rape and attempted rape” and detained in the Santé prison, recalls the HuffPost. He was accused of having used a pimp, a photographer, to bring two young women to his house to rape them. The courts finally dismissed the case in 1999, noting “ regular use of prostitutes’ services during the period considered “.

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