Why is automatic sample distribution no longer allowed?

A new decree now limits the automatic distribution of perfume samples and cosmetic products from big brands such as Sephora, Marionnaud or Nocibé.

After every beauty purchase, discovering the samples could have become a real ritual for you. It must be said that these are very practical. They allow you to test perfumes, skincare products, and even makeup before making a purchasing decision. Unfortunately, beyond their practical and fun side, they are also relatively harmful to the environment.

Result: a new decree, introduced from August 2021 in the Environmental Code, has just entered into force on 23 April. He says yes “prohibits the professional from providing the consumer, without his request, with a product sample as part of a commercial approach. The purpose of this measure is to avoid waste resulting from samples not requested by consumers. »

Samples must be requested

Samples will no longer be systematically provided for each purchase. But it is still possible to obtain one by requesting one during a visit to the store but also by email or by telephone. Here’s what we read on the government website:

” Art. D. 541-346.-Any professional who makes samples of the products referred to in article D. 541-345 available to consumers may inform consumers by any means that such samples may be provided to them only upon their request. “

For the moment the decree does not specify by what means this measure will be controlled.


Why are samples considered harmful to the environment?

Despite the numerous efforts made by the beauty industry in favor of the environment, samples remain very difficult to recycle. There are several reasons for this problem. Initially they often are made up of a multitude of materials, selective sorting is therefore very difficult to carry out.

Another problem: their small size! Because recycling machines are designed for standard-sized products, they don’t recognize samples smaller than a credit card. When the latter show up at the sorting center, they are simply snubbed by the machines that leave them aside.

Conclusion: if you want to test a product you can obviously ask for a sample but it is better to consume them sparingly to preserve the environment!

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