‘The body will heal itself’: Britney Spears won’t go to doctor after breaking her leg

Britney Spears contacted her fans through a banned social network and said that her leg is now broken.

Britney Spears. Photo: Getty Images

The injury is believed to have occurred during a fight with Paul Soliz at the hotel. Even more surprising was that the pop star decided not to seek help from a doctor because she wanted to see “if her body would heal on its own.” Additionally, the artist noted that he felt numbness in his feet during vigorous walking.

Britney Spears and Paul Richard Soliz. Photo: Legion-media

Let us remind you that the singer was seen near one of the luxury hotels in early May. Being naked, standing next to the ambulance, and covering herself with a blanket and pillow, her appearance caused serious concern among fans. The singer was in tears and had scratches on her body. Her boyfriend, Paul Solis, was by her side.

Source: People Talk

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