Maria Tarasova plans to undergo surgery: details

Recently, Maria Tarasova surprised her subscribers with an unexpected transformation – the blogger changed from blonde to her natural hair color, dark. Now the girl talked about her plans to undergo surgery. Read which one.

Maria Tarasova. Photo: social networks

The journalist shared his vision problem on his Telegram channel. According to him, “he wears contact lenses every day and glasses every evening.” Maria was “tired of the dryness of her eyes and frustrated with the quality of the picture.” The girl noted that she was already enjoying the “romance” of her poor eyesight, that she “wanted to see the world in all its glory and decided to work on her eyes this year.” Tarasova plans to have surgery to improve her vision.

Maria. Tarasova. Photo: social networks

Earlier, Maria Tarasova told how she struggled with age-related changes. The blogger admitted that he was calm about various injections. Read our material on what personal care procedures a girl practices.

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