Do your children have difficulty eating? What if you tried the candle technique?

A new tip for parents straight from TikTok would allow you to temper family meals by simply lighting a candle. Do we believe it?

Is it time to light the fire? Do you want to see the flame dance in the eyes of your heirs? Come on, enough with the crazy catchphrases and let’s get to the point: a new tip would help calm the little hurricanes during family lunch. As ? Simply by lighting a candle while the Livret A punchers eat.

A candlelit dinner to devour broccoli

If your children have a little difficulty eating, or they eat calmly, or without hitting each other in the face, without complaining and without spilling the plate on the dog’s head who is just waiting for this, perhaps you will want to try this technique. So yes, comes from TikTok, obviously it is absolutely not scientifically proven in any way, but it has the advantage of changing the decor of family dinners.

The concept ? At meal time, once the children are seated, light a candle and turn off the lights. The meal is consumed exclusively by the light of the flame. It seems to be magical: even children, who are usually more reluctant to eat their food, eat as if hypnotized by the light.


What?! Should we put a candle on the table to help children eat better?? I tried it and it really works! the children are much calmer. #parenting #kidsoftiktok #kids #familymeal #foryou #childmeal #meal #tip #tips #familydinner #what

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My dad actually sent me this idea and we tried it right away. Candles in the dark always calm me down, so I thought why not try it with my girls. A key memory that we will all share forever ❤️ #add #adhd #corememories #memories #growingup #candle #candlelightdinner #calm #family #familydinner #momsofiktok

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So, personally, I know I won’t try, as my youngest is too rambunctious to stay in his place without literally throwing himself on the candle and screaming.” Happy birthday“. She could set the house on fire in 10 seconds.

But for those who have offspring not crossed with the Tasmanian devil, have you already tried this technique? Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us!

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