The list of #MeToo names will soon be revealed: how will the Cannes Film Festival react?

While rumors suggest that numerous allegations of rape and sexual assault will soon emerge against French figures, Cannes Film Festival director Iris Knobloch has announced that she will favor cases on a case-by-case basis.

#Me too will be in Cannes, and probably more than we think. Significant rumors circulating on social networks suggest that the names of cinema personalities accused of rape or sexual assault are about to be revealed.

In reaction to these rumors about a possible French #MeTooexplained the president of the festival, Iris Knobloch Paris match which favored a pragmatic approach: treat each case individually, without submitting to an immutable general rule. In an article published on May 9, he explained:

“If a defendant’s case arises, we will ensure we make the right decision on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with the board of directors.”

He further added that the work of the indicted persons will be subject to appropriate discussion in the decision-making process, underlining that “She is the real star. »

Is the French #MeToo on the verge of taking on unprecedented proportions?

These statements come in a context where the #MeToo movement is still at the center of concern, with recent developments in the United States where one of producer Harvey Weinstein’s convictions has finally been overturned. The Weinstein case continues to have repercussions in France too, with the high-profile trial of actor Gérard Depardieu last October and the free speech movement started by Judith Godrèche. The latter, in particular, filed charges of rape and sexual violence against Benoit Jacquot and Jacques Doillon.

It is also Judith Godrèche who will mark this edition of the Cannes Film Festival by presenting her 17-minute short film entitled “Me Too”, which gives voice to thousands of victims of sexual violence.

Me too // Source: Judith Godrèche
Me too // Source: Judith Godrèche

In addition to these issues related to the #MeToo movement, Iris Knobloch also spoke about the place of women in cinema. Although the number of films directed by women in competition has increased, reaching 20% of the official selectionthe president of the festival rejected the idea of ​​introducing quotas. According to her, the festival must focus above all on the quality of the films, while encouraging the presence of women in the film industry in other ways. Rather vague observations, in short. Continues.

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