What is the “jort”, this fashion trend that promises to be the biggest of the summer?

As temperatures rise, the temptation to wear shorts grows. Luckily, the jort (contraction of jeans and shorts) is establishing itself as the most credible, practical, comfortable and inclusive fashion of the moment. Anatomy of a trend.

While fashion shows offer plenty of sheer miniskirts that are impractical in real life, more realistic fashionistas pair looks with baggy denim shorts (or, for short, ” jorts », contraction of jeans and shorts). And it is certainly the most desirable item of the moment, for this spring-summer 2024 (and yes, it was already everywhere in 2023, and even before then, we know, no one said it had just been invented).


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Why do we believe in the fashion trend of “jorts”, these loose denim shorts?

Less annoying than the corsage/capri which quickly compresses the silhouette unless you are a model size, it also promises to be more comfortable, multi-use and inclusive for different body types.


They are really good (I took a size 38)

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With what to wear loose denim shorts or “jorts”?

And basically, jorts go with almost everything. Its naturally relaxed look works effortlessly with sneakers, be they XXL like skater sneakers, or slimmer and T-Toe like the trend of the moment (hello Gazelle, Samba or SL 72). Scholl clogs or Birkenstock clogs also work for nonchalance.

But we can also contrast style registers by focusing on more elegant shoes instead. It works well with classic moccasins, especially with white socks that rise above the calf or semi-opaque knee-highs.

The pinnacle of the fashion trend is the combination with motorcycle boots (thanks again to Rosalía #Motomami). Motorcycle boots are in fact experiencing a comeback in fashion, especially if they are made of beautiful aged and well-washed leather.

On top, any top will do, be it a lace-up #coquette blouse or a t-shirt with a safari jacket, and the look is done.


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Where to find loose denim jorts or shorts?

In first-hand trade we already find them everywhere. Special mention to the Carhartt workwear models, whose very masculine look will contrast nicely with more feminine pieces, if that’s your style.

You can also easily find them at thrift stores, especially in the men’s section, where most shorts probably go down to your knees, and that’s what they sell.

On second-hand sites, the expression “ denim shorts “, especially in the category ” Man » will help you find the rare gem (you don’t need to oversize to still get an oversized effect). And the key word ” jorts » has already entered the vocabulary of people of taste on Depop, Vinted or even on Vestiaire Collective.


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