“A completely different character”: Internet users criticized the first images from the filming of the new episode of “Bridget Jones’s Diary”

In February this year, information emerged that Bridget Jones’s Diary would return to the screens after 20 years. The first images from the filming of the film have finally appeared on the Internet and fans have already managed to criticize it. The Daily Mail reports this.

Photo: Promotional shot of the movie “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Mind”

Fan dissatisfaction stems from the fact that the producers decided to move away from the topic of Bridget’s excess weight. Paparazzi photographed Renee Zellweger not at her usual weight during the filming. “In this day and age, we will pay more attention to how people feel about body image. “Giving up Bridget’s obsession with being overweight seems like the right thing to do,” said one of the creators of the film, noting that now the heroine Renee will own a size 44 outfit.

Renee zellweger. Photo: Legion-media

But fans, to put it mildly, did not appreciate such innovations: “So now we pretend that weight problems do not exist?”, “Now she will be a completely different character”, “Why? People love Bridget because she is real; she expresses her anxieties and insecurities.” We understand.”

Source: People Talk

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