This season too, this haircut is the most coveted

Each season has its own trendy haircut. But there are those who don’t seem to want to leave the podium any time soon. We are obviously talking about the square.

The bob has long been considered too defined a cut, more suitable for children than adults. But for several seasons now, these beliefs seem to disappear to make way for one myriads of different squares, each more chic and elegant than the previous one. But did you know that the return of this divisive cut is not only due to the incessant game of trends? In fact, it arrived just as the Covid epidemic was starting to lose ground, as celebrity hairstylist Jenda Alcorn explains Byrdie :

“As we have sadly learned, Covid has caused hair loss in many of us. I would say 90% of my clients have experienced a certain degree of hair loss after Covid infection. This bob trend is very inspired by women who want their hair to be healthy again. Starting over seems to be the best solution.”


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The square cut in all its variations

Why the square cut it has been at the center of trends for some time now, it already is declined in many senses. First there was the Italian bob, the bob with a slightly faded and partially degraded look. Then there was the French bob, more natural and casual than its Italian counterpart. Then the longer midi bob, which is more suitable for those who don’t want to take too many risks. If there are more than 70 variations (yes, you read that right), it is above all the Dad Bob which today attracts attention, with its 90s look, slightly longer than a classic bob and plays more on the thickness of the hair…


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The bob: a cut that requires a lot of maintenance

Despite all this enthusiasm around square cut, it is however important to warn you: this is not a haircut that requires little maintenance. On the contrary ! If you have fine, straight hair, you’ll probably want to work on volume so your bob isn’t too flat. If, on the other hand, you have a significant amount of hair, the challenge will be to control it so that the square doesn’t become too blurry. In short, it’s a balancing act that not everyone wants to participate in due to lack of time and/or desire.

Our inspiration photos if you soon want to opt for a square

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