“I’m proud of my children”: Aiza-Liluna Ai showed a video from her sons’ competitions

At least somewhere around Aiza-Liluna Ai everything is stable. The blogger loves her sons very much and regularly mentions them on social networks. She shared how proud she is of them now.

Aiza-Liluna Ai. Photo: social networks

The 39-year-old star published a video on his Telegram channel showing children’s swimming competitions. “I am so proud of my children! Despite experiencing jet lag after a long break, they fought for victory in the swimming competitions. “I screamed so much my throat is definitely going to hurt,” Isa signed the post.

Let’s remember that Aiza-Liluna Ai was married twice. The girl married Guf in 2008, and six years later they announced their divorce. The former couple are raising their son Sam together, and their second marriage to Dmitry Anokhin lasted five years. From the surfer the girl gave birth to a son named Elvis.

Source: People Talk

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