5 main reasons why you always have nothing to wear

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The first question that may come to mind when reading the title is: “Does my wardrobe work?” We think it’s time to check it out and make a fashion decision. So do you agree with the fact that you constantly have nothing to wear? Do you feel like you’re wearing the same thing often? One last thing: Do you constantly feel uncomfortable in your clothes?

If you answer yes to two of the three questions, we have bad news; Your wardrobe doesn’t work. Which means it’s time to figure out why this happened and who is to blame (spoiler: most likely you yourself).

In today’s article, we will talk about the five main reasons why you always have nothing to wear (even though you have more than enough things in your wardrobe). We will try to find a solution to the problem together, so that creating visuals in the future will only bring pleasure.

Reason No. 1. You don’t organize your wardrobe.

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How often do you completely clean out your wardrobe? If you do it once a season we’ll give you a solid A, if you do it once a year we’ll send you back for the exam. Because that’s exactly why the wardrobe doesn’t work. However, it can contain quite a lot of current elements, with which you can easily create a fashionable image. Cleaning out your wardrobe every three months is essential, removing last season’s pieces and removing the things you’ll wear now. This will help you remember what you have in your arsenal. We are almost sure that you have encountered a situation when you find an item on the farthest shelf and realize that you have already forgotten about its existence.

Reason #2: You’re not structuring things.

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Organizing your wardrobe is only half the job. Next, you need to structure things and sort them into categories: pants to pants, jeans to jeans, and shirt to shirt. Such a simple but important action will help you quickly decide on your appearance, because all your clothes will be in plain sight. You can choose the bottom of the outfit first and then move on to the top by evaluating all the options. By the way, we talked about how to properly store things in a separate article.

Reason No. 3. You don’t have a clearly selected database

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Not having a bed base is another reason why your wardrobe isn’t working. Sequined trousers, corset tops, and feathered blouses are great, of course, but none of them work without white t-shirts, classic jeans, and straight-cut jackets. As a result, you will stand at the closet thinking that you have nothing to wear while going for a walk with your friends. Therefore, we recommend that you re-read the material on how to create the perfect basic wardrobe. Spoiler alert: you’ll need a little more of it.

Reason 4: You shop without thinking.

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Was it? We’re almost sure yes, because “how will you live without a pink sweatshirt embroidered with rhinestones?” That’s right, it’s very bad and sad, so you need to buy it urgently. And with it bright trousers, a red corset, a draped dress and a crimson jacket. If you recognize yourself in all of the above, you urgently need to change your approach. Firstly, they are not environmentally friendly, secondly, you will waste money on unnecessary things and thirdly (and this is the worst part) you will only wear them a few times at most.

Reason 5: You lack observation

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This reason may seem trivial and even a little offensive. But actually “what to wear?” When it comes to the question, observation plays almost the most important role. How to develop? There are a huge number of ways (we even prepared a separate article on this topic). For example, you can get into the habit of watching several shows a day or browsing through current and archived brand campaigns. Or you can start with something simpler: create a separate folder in your photo archive where you will save your favorite images of fashion influencers and street style heroes. This folder can be used when the thought arises that you have nothing to wear.

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