Rumors confirmed: Nyusha announced her divorce from Igor Sivov

Well, good morning to you. Of course, we guessed that Nyusha would divorce her husband, but her approval still got us done. Now it is clear exactly what caused the sudden change in the artist’s image.

Nyusha and Igor Sivov. Photo: social networks

“Yes, a new transformation is really happening in my life! Igor and I have not been together for a long time and only now are we ready to announce it. But we continue to be loving parents of our wonderful children with great gratitude to each other. We have excellent relations and mutual understanding. “I do not blame anyone for anything and I ask you to look with me to the future, not the past,” said the 33-year-old singer.

Let us recall that in August 2017, Nyusha married Igor Sivov. In November 2018, the singer gave birth to a daughter. The couple named the baby Simba. And in December 2021, the couple welcomed a son named Saffron.

Nyusha with her husband and children. Photo: social networks

And in 2014, Nyusha’s relationship with Yegor Creed became known. However, the artists were together for about two years and then broke up. The artist still cannot find his love.

Egor Creed and Nyusha. Photo: social networks

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