What do your sexual dreams with a celebrity mean? We have the answer

Do you regularly dream of making love to a musician or movie star? Here’s what it really means according to a dream interpretation expert.

Come on, admit it: in your hottest dreams, it’s not always your partner with whom you do a lot of not very Catholic things, but sometimes also François Civil, Zendaya, Sam Heughan offoreigneralso Manuel Valls (we will not reveal the name of the interested party).

Apart from the fact that you find the said celebrity to your liking, what is the hidden meaning of his appearance in your dreams? The American site HelloGiggles asked Lauri Loewenberg, certified dream analyst and author of Dream it, make your dreams come true, change your life (Dream, change your life).

“Celebrities appear in our dreams when the subconscious wants to use them to convey a message. » According to the expert, “In dreams, celebrities rarely play themselves, but rather symbolize something that is relevant to our life at the time of the dream”.

A connection deeper than sexual desire

But then what does it mean? when you make love to said celebrity?

“Sex in dreams usually corresponds to the desire or need to integrate the qualities of others into one’s personality or life”analyzes Lauri Loewenberg. “So ask yourself what do you want in this celebrity – or a character they played or a song they sang, etc.? »

So, can you imagine sharing a languid kiss with Taylor Swift? Maybe one of the songs on her new album speaks particularly to you? And if you dream of an incredible sex session with Swann Arlaud, it could be because you feel connected to his character Anatomy of a fall.

“If you really like fame in real life, your dream is to just have some fun.”observes Lauri Loewenberg.

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A different meaning depending on your romantic situation

Are you single and regularly wake up sweaty after a super hot dream with Timothée Chalamet or Kirsten Stewart? For Lauri Loewenberg, this goes beyond simple fantasy, but also provides insight into your aspirations regarding your romantic situation.

“If you are single, the celebrities you have sex with in your dreams may represent the qualities you are looking for in a partner. So this is something to consider when trying to understand your dream. »

And if you’re in a relationship, there’s no harm in fantasizing in your dreams about a celebrity rather than your partner. As Lauri Loewenberg reminds us, dreaming does not deceive. The celebrity you dream of may also represent qualities that remind you of your current partner… Or qualities you wish they had.

“Most often, sex in a dream is not about the physical union you want, but rather about a psychological or behavioral union you need. Your subconscious chose this particular celebrity for a reason. It’s not a coincidence. There is something about fame that is relevant to you and your life right now.”

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