“What are you trying to achieve?”: Maria Pogrebnyak harassed online

Maria Pogrebnyak officially filed for divorce from football player Pavel Pogrebnyak last year. The blogger did not explain the reasons for breaking up with her husband, but assured that they remained friends and will continue to raise their three sons together: Artem, Pavel and Alexei. However, it did not pass without leaving a mark for the intermediate model.

Maria Pogrebnyak. Photo: social networks

Maria reported being bullied. As Pogrebnyak notes, she had previously been insulted online by being called “skinny”, “wooden”, “reshaped” and “scary”, but a year ago everything got worse.

“An added bonus to all of the above: “abandoned.” “That’s right, your husband left you, no one needs you when you get old, old age and loneliness await you,” the mother of many children writes on her Telegram channel.

Photo: Maria Pogrebnyak’s social networks

Maria Pogrebnyak added that she does not understand subscribers who send her negative comments. “What are you trying to achieve? The blogger asked the criminals, “Can you continue to live in peace with the thought that you caused another person moral suffering?”

The news was prepared by Anna Bulatova.

Source: People Talk

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