If you like Rouje (Jeanne Damas), here are 3 affordable luxury brands that will please you

If you love the sensual and effortless 60s and 70s aesthetic of Jeanne Damas’ brand Rouje, you might be interested in Nathalie Dumeix, Almé Paris or Imparfaite.

Love her or hate her, Jeanne Damas has perfectly capitalized on her strong community acquired as a blogger and fashion influencer by creating her brand Rouje in 2016. Cliché of the Parisian remained in the 60s-70s, with a sensual and casual chic , the label is full of bodycon, knee-length, low-cut and slit dresses. The jeans are straight, slim or bell-bottomed, when they are not corduroy trousers. It is best to wear unbuttoned blouses or shirts, just like cardigans.

Precisely this vintage aesthetic means that it can easily be found second hand, on online platforms, flea markets or garage sales. But also from the new side, first hand, among the competition. If you like Rouje, in addition to Sézane and Balzac which almost everyone already knows, you might also like these other three brands.

Nathalie Dumeix, the brand of Rouje’s style director

If Jeanne Damas establishes herself as artistic director of Rouje, she can also count on the experience of her stylist and designer friend Nathalie Dumeix. The latter, before becoming Rouje’s style director, created her eponymous brand in 2002. And it is very similar to what Jeanne Damas’ brand continues to offer today. It is therefore a label to know, to find second-hand items on sites like Vinted and company, or even for first-hand purchases.

Almé Paris, the plus size brand with a vintage aesthetic similar to Rouje

Among the things we can criticize Rouje (and most brands with the same style for that matter…), there is in particular the lack of diversity in terms of sizes, since the brand mainly sells from 34 to 44 Fortunately, other brands also know how to offer clothing with a sensual and casual aesthetic, strongly inspired by the 60s and 70s. This is the case in particular of Almé Paris, which makes most of its garments with Oeko-Tex certified materials and manufactured in Europe. Founded in 2017 by Emmanuelle Szerer, this French brand designs its clothes to fit all sizes in its panel ranging from 36 to 54.

In France, 40% of women are larger than 44 and therefore have 54 times less choice in ready-to-wear than those wearing a size 36 », Reports Almé Paris, which intends to change the situation, with its inclusive design clothing, made in France and Europe, at an accessible price.

Imparfaite, the online thrift store with attention to aesthetics in Rouje

Are you too lazy to visit physical thrift stores and rummage through bins for a cheap second-hand item? Or even browse pages and pages of online platforms like Vinted with the right filters? In this regard, we recommend our Tre Conti Vinted selection that you should absolutely follow when hunting for vintage pieces at low prices

It might also be wise to go to a second-hand site that involves selective curation, to match an aesthetic you like. This is precisely the case with Imparfaite (founded by Ariane Bechade and Camille Gabbi in 2017) and the selected pieces have nothing to envy of Rouje, on the contrary.

There are therefore brands that are well known to the general public, such as Levi’s 501 jeans or the Paul & Joe archives. But also much less well-known but equally interesting and up-to-date brands, such as Sea New York, Stone Paris or even Côtelé Paris. And whoever says vintage, archive and used also says low price, up to -70% of the price of new. It should be noted that Imparfaite Paris has also been collaborating since 2023 with some brands such as Carel Paris or MaisonCléo to sell their old unsold defective items, prototypes or customer returns. A web address full of good advice whose care is so personalized that it becomes a (quality) brand!

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