Jennifer Aniston reveals the secrets that help her stay fit

Jennifer Aniston, 55, said that to stay in shape helps proper nutrition and daily exercise. She shared this in a chat with People.

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: social networks

As it turned out, strict diets are not for the actress, but she always tries to eat more protein, vegetables and salads, not forgetting to periodically take breaks from proper nutrition. “I always give myself cheat meals. I eat Mexican food most of the time – what I really love. But it is not that harmful,” the artist shared.

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: Getty Images

By the way, this does not mean that sometimes the “Friends” star does not want to eat something extremely high in calories, such as fast food. However, he notes that those who are used to following a diet throughout their lives are less likely to eat junk food.

Jennifer also points out the importance of mental health. It turned out that she regularly tries to turn off her mobile phone to get rid of social networks.

Source: People Talk

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