Is your child’s Lunii Story Factory broken? You can change it (and get the newer model instead)

The Lunii brand proposes to replace models 1 and 2 of its Fabriques à Histoires with the brand new version of the product. A great circular and solidarity economy initiative!

Story boxes, these small objects with careful design, allow children to have fun without screens listening to stories and tales. There are about twenty of them on the market, but The story factory of the Lunii brand has stood out since its creation.

And Lunii continues to earn points by launching, from April, a program to exchange its old models for free, by subscribing to a new annual subscription.

Swap your old Story Factory for a new one

That your old model is broken, worn or still in good condition, you can, if you wish, replace it with the new version. In appearance, the latter is identical and your children will see nothing but fire. But inside you can find:

  • Transfer audiobooks remotely, via the application (and no longer via USB cable)
  • Battery level display, which was missing in older models
  • Setting the night mode directly from the app and adjusting the brightness of the device

To change your old model, it’s quite simple. Go to the Lunii website, sign up for the annual subscription – 89.00 euros per year, or 2 months of savings compared to the monthly offer, which allows you to access a new audiobook per month – then fill out the exchange form.

Once this is done, you will receive a return label to place on the package containing your old one Story factoryand you can send it back to the brand, free. A few days later you will receive a new model of the new version.

Lunii, a committed brand

If we can raise eyebrows that we have to sign up for an annual subscription to get the new version of the Story factoryhowever, we must admit that having access to a new story every month, regardless of the price, is relatively advantageous.

A new story every month and Story factory brand new, without buttons chewed by the little ones, for an annual subscription, it’s a good deal. Furthermore, we participate in a circular economy plan, because these exchanges will allow the brand to reuse some elements and parts of old parts to manufacture new products.

We remind you that the Lunii brand, signatory to the Climate Act, labeled Guarantee of Origin France and produced near Bayonne, it is one of the few to have truly committed to more sustainable consumption. This new initiative is welcome!

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