10 things that will increase the space of a small bathroom

Since not everyone’s bathroom resembles the baths in Turkish TV series, the process of bathing in a narrow space cannot be called comfortable and enjoyable. We have to do everything in a hurry, so our body can’t really relax. But smart people found a way. “The best way to decide what to keep and what to toss is to hold each item in your hand and ask yourself: “Does this spark joy?” – wrote Marie Kondo, author of the bestselling book “The Magic of Tidying Up”. The Japanese art of keeping things in order at home and in life.” Following her advice, we share practical life hacks that will help increase the space of a small bathroom.

Bright colors and large tiles

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You can visually increase the space of a compact bathroom with tiles of bright and cold colors. An asymmetrical pattern allows you to “spread” the room. Choose large format tiles. Otherwise, small tiles such as mosaics will “divide” the bathroom, making it even smaller.

More light and mirrors

Light reflected from the glossy surface visually expands the space: chrome accessories, mirrors, lacquered dressing table, glass. Therefore, make sure that all light sources are working.

Compact bathtub and sink

To provide more “air” in the bathroom, choose large-sized furniture. See what you like best – bath or shower. If the bathtub, sink and toilet are in the same space, it is not possible for a jacuzzi to be a reasonable solution.

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mirror cabinet

Provide the space with a mirrored cabinet and place it above the sink. This is where you can put away all your hygiene items: brushes, toothpastes, cotton swabs, shampoos, creams and other care products.

Shelves above the toilet and washing machine

If there is enough space in the bathroom for a washing machine, place shelves on it. You can do the same over the toilet, just make sure it is securely fixed and there are no too heavy or breakable objects on the shelves.

Suitable containers

Place organizers on the shelves – wicker baskets and textile boxes that will not only add comfort, but also hold pleasant little things.

Folding heated towel rail

Vertical heated towel rails are more functional for a small bathroom. After all, they can always be folded. Moreover, they look aesthetically pleasing.

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Laundry basket

Instead of a basket for dirty laundry, we recommend collecting items in a fabric bag. You can hang it on the hook on the top or side of the washing machine.

The right curtain for the bathroom

If you have a bathroom instead of a shower cabin, it is recommended to install a curtain in the same color scheme, or better, a frameless transparent partition.

Cabinets under the sink

You can also install cabinets under the sink to store household items such as washing powder and fabric softener. If there is no free space under the sink, create a place for household chemicals under the tub.

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