“They all grew up”: Ksenia Borodina told how her daughters from different husbands grew up

41-year-old Ksenia Borodina has two daughters. Marusya was born TV presenter, married to businessman Yuri Budagov. The girl will soon turn 15.

Ksenia Borodina. Photo: social networks

The blogger is raising an eight-year-old daughter, Teona, with her second husband, entrepreneur Kurban Omarov. Borodina said that she did not divorce for the sake of her daughter for two years for fear of causing her psychological trauma, but she still broke up with the child’s father in 2021.

Ksenia showed a walk with Marusya in New York in her microblog. Moreover, they had similar appearances. “My daughter has grown quite a lot and most importantly she is very smart, she helps me in everything. “He is very independent and that is very important,” the TV star shared.

The celebrity also showed footage of Teona. The girl laughs and covers her face with her hands: “Everything is fine here, but this boy always cheers up his mother, chats 24/7, sometimes even in his sleep.”

On. Photo: social networks

Ksenia Borodina had previously said that she fulfilled her promise and met with Kurban Omarov’s family with her daughters. Read about it here.

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