“He kills me every time”: Ryan Gosling reveals what his own daughters call him

Ryan Gosling. Photo: Getty Images

Star of the movie “Barbie” Ryan Gosling is a happy father. Even though he spends so much time on set, Ryan always thinks about his daughters.

Nine-year-old Esmeralda Amada and eight-year-old Amada Lee are constantly with their mother Eva Mendes. The 50-year-old actress ended her career specifically to take care of children. The girls learn Spanish under his supervision and now affectionately call Gosling “Papi” with a slight accent.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling with their children. Photo: Legion-media

“It kills me every time! There is nothing better than this,” Gosling told the WSJ. Meanwhile, Ryan also sacrificed his acting for the sake of his family. He said he no longer takes on psychologically difficult roles. It is important for him to return home in a good mood so that a good atmosphere is created among his loved ones.

Source: People Talk

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