“At the summer resort”: Roman Kostomarov showed photos from a family vacation

47-year-old Roman Kostomarov is happily married to figure skater Oksana Domnina. The couple has a daughter named Anastasia and a son named Ilya. The athlete showed how he and his family spent the first May holiday.

Roman Kostomarov. Photo: legion-media.ru

The skater posted a photo from her dacha in her microblog. The couple decided to spend warm and clear days in nature. “In rural rest. Sunny buzz. Cottage, family, sun,” Roman wrote.

A house, a well and a veranda were photographed against the background of Kostomarov and his loved ones. The family poses on the swing. The skater took off his shirt, revealing his bare chest. Fans were happy for the celebrity. “Be happy, Kostomarovs. You deserve it”, “It’s nice to see the head of the family healthy and in a good mood”, “I adore you, what wonderful guys”, the followers wrote in the comments.

Roman Kostomarov with his family. Photo: social networks

Let us remind you that both the skater’s feet and hands were amputated after a serious illness. He was fitted with a prosthesis and the athlete went skating on the ice in December 2023.

It was previously learned that director Sarik Andreasyan will shoot a feature film about Roman Kostomarov. Read more here.

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