This is the ideal time to post on Vinted and maximize your chances of selling

What parameters should you take into consideration to increase your chances of seeing your sales succeed on Vinted? Among them, the time the ad is published plays a significant role.

Do you want to part with that blouse that you loved so much but which no longer finds favor with your eyes? Vinted is the ideal tool for cleaning cupboards by putting a little butter in spinach. Provided, of course, that you adopt good reflexes…

Vinted: time matters

In fact, like any application where there is a visibility problem, Vinified It largely depends on the habits of its users. Putting an item up for sale on Tuesday morning means you have less chance of being well referenced, and therefore of moving up in the buyers’ feed. potential•the•s.

When should you publish your item to optimize your chances of selling it? Statistics show that it is by publishing your ad between 6pm and 9pm that we can hope that its sale will be successful. The reason is simple: more users open the application in the early hours of the evening, as this time is often a moment of relaxation after a day of work. Keep in mind that the application also sees a peak in traffic on Sundays, especially at the beginning of the month, when accounts are not yet empty.

Recently, an Englishman Helen Allson, an experienced seller on Vinted, shared a tip to beat the algorithm of this second-hand selling platform. The young woman revealed that she did not hesitate to delete her announcement, and then republish it. Because the algorithm favors users who post regularly.

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