This device is the perfect replacement for the Dyson Airwrap… And it costs 10 times less!

The Dyson Airwrap is one of the best-selling hair styling devices in the world. Unfortunately, its price may discourage more than one person. We just found its perfect duplicate and it’s much cheaper than the original.

The Dyson Airwrap is a great device. Multitasking, it allows you to dry your hair, straighten it, give it movement and even create beautiful waves (if you know how to manage them correctly). Its price, however (€549), makes you think twice before buying it (even if it’s worth it). It is therefore not within the reach of all budgets. Fortunately, many brands and distributors have created their own version of this device with different tips. The last one is signed… Aldi. And it’s a gem!


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A powerful device… for €24.99

If you don’t want to spend the €549 expected to get the Dyson Airwrap, the Aldi alternative is a great low cost option as it only costs €24.99! Popular on social networks, especially on TikTok, numerous videos showing his exploits are accumulating. What do testers seem to like most? The nozzle for obtaining curls, whose traction technology is very similar to that of the Dyson and whose result is surprising, whatever the type of hair.

With 5 different tips, different temperature settings and a light weight that makes it pleasant to use, this device is truly a must if you don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on the Dyson.


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An effective tool, without Dyson technology…

If this device allows you to obtain a result very similar to that of the Dyson, However, it should be noted that the latter does not have all the technology that made its more than 500 euro model famous. Since it does not have a thermoregulator, it also does not protect the hair fiber from damage inherent to exposure to excessively high temperatures during styling… Find out if you want to get started!

Buy the 5 in 1 bellows brush from Aldi

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