Video: Here’s what really happens to your body during a C-section, and it’s impressive

A nurse shared a video on TikTok in which she explains the maneuvers of a cesarean section, with the cut layer by layer. Informative, informative and truly mind-blowing!

A cesarean section is not a trivial procedure and there is nothing “comfortable” about it. And if you were wondering, from a medical point of view, how the incision that allows the baby to exit the mother’s womb is made, you can find out with this fantastic video.

Don’t worry, there’s no blood or gross stuff, it’s just schematic!

The different layers to be cut during a cesarean section

In a viral video on TikTok, Mama Nurse Tina, a nurse specializing in pregnancy and childbirth, shares a tool that helps you better understand the various incisions that are made during a cesarean section:


The one that started it all: the layers of a c-section! People are sometimes surprised to find out how much is actually involved in a cesarean birth. And April is C-section Awareness Month…so many congratulations to all the parents who gave birth to their new babies by C-section and who sped up their C-section recovery! #csection #csectiondelivery #givingbirth #csectionrecovery #birthtok #birthprep

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Here we learn that a cesarean section includes several incisions and medical actions, starting with:

  1. Cut the skin
  2. The section of adipose tissue, also called adipose layer
  3. Cutting the fat layer
  4. Band cutting. It is a tough, fibrous connective tissue found throughout the body.
  5. Then come the muscles, which are not cut, but separated vertically
  6. The section of the peritoneum, a fairly thin transparent layer that is actually a membrane that lines the abdominal cavity
  7. Protect the bladder, so as not to cut it, using a protective device
  8. The incision of the uterus, horizontally (or vertically, in an emergency, to access the baby more quickly)
  9. Finally, the opening of the amniotic sac, which cannot be repaired after cesarean section.

In total, seven layers of various tissues must be reached before the baby can be accessed.

So no, the caesarean section is not a “small surgery”, and those who say that it is not much, or worse, that it is not “a real birth”, can think back to this video on loop, to understand exactly what is happening in the operating room.

What is it like to give birth by caesarean section?

Personally what struck me most about my two cesarean sections, it is the speed of the action. When we understand, thanks to these explanations, what manipulations are practiced, it is truly incredible.

Between the time the doctor announces the start of the operation and the time the baby comes out, often only a few minutes pass.

Also, I remember having my stomach shaking in all directions. I didn’t feel anything, there was no pain (thanks to the anesthetics), but I felt that my entire stomach was moving forcefully. I think it was mainly to get the baby out of the amniotic sac as quickly as possible.

If you are about to give birth by caesarean section or have already done so and need clarification on the procedure to better understand your birth, do not hesitate to contact the medical profession. They will be able to explain everything to you, step by step. Knowledge is power!

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