“He wanted to take me, that’s all”: Diana Shurygina found herself at the police station

Diana Shurygina. Photo: social networks

Scandalous Internet star Diana Shurygina contacted after news of the arrest. Information appeared on the Internet that the girl and her friend, crypto businessman Svyatoslav Gusev, were taken away by the police. The reason was another noisy party at his house.

After some time, Diana posted a video message on her page, in which she tried to present her version of what was happening.

Diana Shurygina. Photo: social networks

“Roughly speaking, I wanted to be offended, that’s all. Nobody detained me, this was not my custody. I was in the apartment and asked the police to take me and my friend for my safety,” said 24-year-old Shurygina.
At the same time, the owner of the “bad apartment” confirmed to Izvestia journalists that he and Diana were indeed detained by the police. “The information is correct, but there is nothing to comment here. It was and it was,” said Svyatoslav.

A few years ago Diana Shurygina flaunted her millionaire boyfriend.

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