The Red Cross asks the French to prepare an emergency bag (yes, it’s a little scary)

According to the Red Cross, France is not prepared to deal with extreme weather events. He recommends putting together an emergency bag containing about ten survival items.

The French are far from ready to face extreme climate events. This is what the Red Cross analyzes in a report published on Thursday 25 April. According to the association, French society lacks preparation. case of climate disaster: “ 75% (of French) do not feel prepared for floods, 73% for forest fires, 59% for heat waves »according to a survey by OpinionWay for the Red Cross.

A “Catakit” to cover all the vital needs of a family

To better prepare populations for future climate disasters, the organization has compiled a detailed list of 10 tips to followsuch as better training on rescue actions, the provision of psychological support during and after crises or the stocking of first aid equipment.

The Red Cross also recommends the development of an emergency grant, a Catakit »composed of about ten essential items in the event of an extreme natural disaster. This must cover all the vital needs of a family for a period of between 24 and 48 hours.in case of sudden evacuation.

In its recommendations, the Red Cross indicates that this grant must cover the five vital needs of a family in case of crisis. Concretely, it is necessary to be able to: nourish yourself, hydrate yourself, take care of yourself, protect yourself, report yourself.

List of objects to be included in the “catakit”

  • A battery-operated radio and spare batteries
  • Flashlight and spare batteries
  • Waterproof case with copy IDs, charger, keys, cash
  • Drugs and treatments
  • First aid kit containing bandages, alcohol or even compresses
  • Basic tools: knife, cutlery, screwdriver
  • Non-perishable foods without cooking
  • Drinking water in quantity
  • Signaling tools: whistle, distress flares
  • Hygiene kit: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, menstrual protection
  • Notepad and pencils

This “Catakit” they must be placed in an accessible place, which can be quickly recovered in the event of an evacuation. It should be checked once a year, as well as medicines and foods, in case the expiry date expires.

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