Ordinary educational violence: you absolutely must watch this shocking video from the Stop VEO association

On the occasion of the International Day of Nonviolence Education, April 30, the Stop VEO association shared a shocking new campaign entitled “Legacy”.

It’s a hard-hitting video, no pun intended. To continue to raise public awareness about ordinary violence in education, the Stop VEO association, which has been fighting to stop violence against children for many years, has joined forces with the Publicis Conseil agency. Together they produced and distributed their fourth awareness campaign.

Stop VEO: legacy of violence

This advertising spot will be broadcast on television from 29 April 2024 – in its short version of 30 seconds – and in its entirety, i.e. 2 minutes and 47 seconds, from 23 April on social networks.

Here, ordinary educational violence (EOV) is symbolized by the transmission of an oversized hand, from father to son, over the course of several generations. Until this transgenerational pattern is interrupted by the last father who holds his newborn in his arms, choosing to reject the legacy of family violence.

What are VEOs?

The definition given by the Stop VEO association is the following:

The VEO brings everyone together violent means what parents usually do to obey the child and change your behavior. VEO is transmitted from generation to generation: parents reproduce what they experienced as children and thus believe they are giving “a good education” to their children.

Among this ordinary violence, we can find physical violence, such as spanking, slapping, hand slapping, shaking, ear pulling, shoving, pushing, withholding food. But also psychological violence such as punishments, feelings of guilt, blackmail, threats, deprivation of affection, threat of abandonment of the child. Finally, verbal abusesuch as shouting, insults, humiliation and ridicule.

Let’s hope that this fourth commercial will be the last and that it will finally change the mentality regarding the education of children.

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