One Study Estimated the Monetary Value of Stay-at-Home Moms’ Work (And It’s Huge)

Many studies have estimated how much stay-at-home parents would earn if they were paid. A new survey examines the cost of outsourcing this task. Edifying.

Some people, by choice or by compulsion, decide to suspend their professional activity to dedicate themselves to the education of their children. And contrary to what some still think (yes, yes), this task is far from easy. Being a stay-at-home father or mother is a full-time job and, in turn, allows you to save significantly on child care, cleaning and many other things. What if these tasks you do on a daily basis need to be outsourced? How much would it cost?

Stay-at-home mom: significant monetary value

A Chinese study conducted in 80 major cities of the World analyzed the cost of household chores and childcare incurred by stay-at-home parents of one to four children and sought to find out how much it would cost to outsource these tasks in each city. In the United States, for example, stay-at-home parents of two children earn approx 200 hours every month, mixing cleaning, shopping, cooking, childcare and other tasks.

This work would cost between 4,000 and 5,400 euros per month, according to the results of this study (graph below). The Swiss cities of Zurich (5,390 euros) and Basel (4,979 euros) they are the places where they have stay-at-home parents maximum monetary value, logical because the salaries there too are very high. In third place is the city of San Francisco: 4,891 euros for two children.

Marseille, 1st French city in the ranking

In 35th place is the first French city: Marseille. The amount is 3058 euros per month. Paris is in 39th place with an amount of 2,975 euros, again for two children. Try changing the number of children in the table, the amounts will simply become astronomical.

Note: The value of parental workload was determined by analyzing eight common tasks (cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, transportation, emotional support, tutoring, and planning/administrative tasks) and averaging the number of hours that parents they dedicate to these tasks, depending on the number of tasks and the number of children they have.

the 10 best cities

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