Klava Koka first congratulated her beloved Alexander Poverin on his birthday

In the banned social network, Klava Koka turned to her lover Alexander Poverin to celebrate his 26th birthday.

Klava Koka and Alexander Poverin. Photo: social networks

The artist decided to share personal funny shots taken without production during the ten months of their relationship: “Happy birthday my darling. I hope you don’t kill me because of these photos. With you, my life has become much brighter, more fun and warmer, I love you very, very much and I appreciate every moment I spend with you. I won’t write much, otherwise you’ll be waiting for me in the other room. We went to celebrate. I will read your congratulations to him along the way.

Let’s remember that the meeting between Klava Koki and Alexander Poverin took place three years ago while filming an advertising integration, but there was no spark between them at that time. And only after that in the program “Heart of Klava” the guy won the girl. They visited almost a dozen countries together and decided to live together.

Source: People Talk

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