Katy Perry in a doily dress and Zendaya like the 2010 graduate: The 5 worst looks of the week

The week is drawing to a close, which means it’s time for our regular column featuring the best and worst images of stars. We know it’s hard to keep track of every look of even the most beloved celebrities in this endless news feed, so we do the work for you and track their every fashion success or utter failure.

We’ve already discussed this week’s stars’ best outfits, now let’s move on to our favorite part and talk about their fashion fails. This time, on our agenda is Zendaya, the notable name of the red carpet, who made us sad, to say the least, with the dress she wore at the fashion show before the premiere of the movie The Contenders. This was definitely not what we expected from the always flawless Zendaya and her stylist Law Roach.

Now let’s come to Chris Pine, whose image has been discussed on television channels for more than a day. The fate of the handsome actor is still open: we only know that he definitely chose the path of happiness and bravely wore this ridiculous outfit consisting of short shorts, a floral jacket and a souvenir T-shirt.

Emily Blunt is among our anti-ratings at the premiere of the movie “Stuntmen” with her navy blue jumpsuit from the nineties that would suit a school vice principal. Katy Perry, behind whom she wears a dress reminiscent of the knitted television napkin found in every Soviet apartment, falls under our particularly strict distribution today. Dua Lipa in the floral look, which completed our weekly ranking with the “worst” tag, unfortunately makes her look older.


christmas pine

Emily Blunt

katy perry

Dua Lipa

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