Comedian Evgeny Chebatkov dated his actor wife

Comedian Evgeny Chebatkov, who voluntarily lost his bachelor status last summer, appeared at the closing of the 46th Moscow International Film Festival. The artist posed on the red carpet with his wife Vera Drovenikova, then shared his feelings on social networks.

The premiere of the movie “Major Thunder: The Game” took place on the last day of the film festival. Apparently he liked the picture. “It’s great, but it’s a little painful to hear the words ‘game’ and ‘closing’ in the same sentence,” the comedian wrote.

Do not forget that Vera Drovenikova is an actress. She starred in such projects as “Podolsk Cadets”, “The Elder”, “Detectives” and others.

The novel between Evgeny Chebatkov and Vera Drovenikova became known in 2021. They later appeared together at the GQ magazine awards.

Evgeny Chebatkov and Vera Drovenikova. Photo: social networks

By the way, about humor: We have previously published a lot of material about how those who joke and those who laugh change.

Source: People Talk

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