Scholl clogs: why are fashionistas suddenly snapping up this “grandmother’s” model?

On Instagram and TikTok, fashion influencers suddenly present looks with the flat or low Pescura model from the orthopedic brand Scholl. A credible trend in shoe fashion for this rustic model from 1961?

In addition to glasses chains, so practical so you never lose them and semi-opaque sock-style compression knee-highs, another famous grandmother’s accessory returns to the forefront of the fashion scene: glasses. Scholl clogs (also called mules, it’s all a matter of point of view to designate the same thing). And not just any model: the Pescurasreleased in 1961. But why this sudden turnaround and this collective enthusiasm on the part of fashion influencers?

Why are influencers suddenly starting to wear Scholl clogs?

Upon closer inspection, we can immediately notice that most of the fashionistas who currently use it on Instagram use the same hashtags: “#scholliconic #theiconicoriginal #pescura #hautecomfort”. From there to saying whether it is a commercial collaboration, paid or not (in addition to the product offered), there is only one step.

The French-British influencer Camille Charrière has the elegance to specify that it is an advert, even though she lives in London.

We remind you that in France it is mandatory to mention this type of contract on an Instagram post (which some well-heeled influencers have taken the trouble to specify). Because disguised advertising is a crime. The law provides for a fine of up to 300,000 euros and two years in prison. But we leave that to the fraud prevention authority.

This is not the case for Dutch Michelle Fleur, who lives in Ibiza, where the laws are different from those in France.

However, a large check accompanied by the sending of a free pair of shoes to several well-chosen fashionistas can be enough to create an almost total trend.ex nothing. Here you are French Vogue already announcing it as THE trend for summer 2024.

In addition to Scholl clogs, flip-flops are also shaping up to be the other hit of the summer.

For now, even in Paris, this type of shoe remains rare on the cobblestones. But we can still believe in its success, seeing how the like counters go crazy in the publications of what looks a lot like a marketing activation campaign. And then, we have to admit, it seems quite comfortable, between the reasonable height of the heel or the flat option, and the wide strap that adapts well to the shape of the foot to keep it against the wooden sole. We could almost see a potential competitor to the kingdom of Birkenstock (whose Boston clogs continue to triumph this spring-summer 2024).

Because clogs with vertiginous heels are very cute, but they hardly hold the ankle well, and on uneven pavement accidents happen quickly (in addition to being uncomfortable, but need I underline that?). We might as well evoke summer now with a pair of clogs with a look that is certainly a little rustic, but with the comfort guaranteed by the expertise of this brand with orthopedic origins.

How to wear Scholl flat or heeled clogs so as not to look like a grandmother?

Although grandmothers often understand the style, perhaps we would like to rejuvenate this type of shoe. And for this reason, nothing too science fiction. They can be cheered up with fun socks that curl nicely on the ankle. Wearing them with baggy jeans or very baggy cargo pants can also successfully offset them, especially with a lingerie-style top, a flowy blouse or even a simple white shirt (worn next to the skin or over a tank top). It also looks great with a dungaree-style jumpsuit or a nightgown-style dress.

The general trend is to avoid the first degree, to make the look more daring, although there is nothing wrong with wearing this type of clogs with a cardigan and a long skirt. The further we move away from these Sixties-looking Scholl mules towards something contemporary, the more fashionable they will be.

4 pairs of Scholl clogs, ultra-comfortable flat or heeled mules with a rustic charm

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