Unrecognizable: 33-year-old Nyusha looks very young in new photos

Apparently, after changes in her personal life (but this is not certain) Nyusha also decided to say goodbye to her past image. By the way, we have long noted his new image. Let’s look at the latest photos of the artist.

Nyusha. Photo: social networks

In the new shooting, Nyusha posed in a top and ripped jeans. She completed her look with a wet hair effect. Some stated that the 33-year-old singer looked very young in the photos and asked, “No, how old are you in these photos?”

But Nyusha’s style is not the only reason why the singer is discussed today. Internet users also actively monitor the artist’s personal life. There are rumors that Anna Shurochkina (real name of the singer). Note ed.) is on the verge of divorcing her husband. And at the end of February, fans’ assumptions began to be confirmed: then Igor Sivov was photographed in the arms of a stranger.

Source: People Talk

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