This tattoo is coming back into fashion for lovers of kitsch and the 2000s

Particularly linked to the aesthetics of the 2000s, the butterfly tattoo is back in fashion this spring.

Symbol of growth, hope, freedom but also femininity, the butterfly emerges from its cocoon again in 2024 and once again becomes the most requested tattoo of the moment. Recently highlighted by singer Ariana Grande, who wore two on her arm (now missing), this symbol was particularly appreciated in the 2000s (Mariah Carrey even dedicated an entire album to it). embodies the perpetual renewal of fashion and beauty trends.

Right on TikToksearches for the hashtag #butterflytattoo amount to over 460 million! Today we know that the Chinese platform is a real trend watcher and we can generally rely on it to predict trends that will go viral in the weeks or even months to come.

Despite everything, a question arises spontaneously: can the butterfly really change its image or is it returning to please all those nostalgic for the 90s and 2000s?

Can butterfly tattoo really change his image in 2024?

Sorry to disappoint you but the butterfly in fact retains a kitsch image anchored to the 90s-2000s (the period in which it was at its peak) in 2024. And this is quite normal because it turns out that Generation Z is very fond of this key period in the history of fashion and beauty. As a result, the butterfly remains a nostalgic instrument, which we like to wear on the arms, lower back or even on the shoulder, positions, once again, very popular in the early 2000s.

The question remains whether this symbol will not fall into oblivion as quickly as it returned (as far as it was noticed)… The future will tell!


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Some inspiration for butterfly tattoos


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