Chef Artem Grebenshchikov will perform a gastronomic performance as part of SPIEF 2024

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is just over a month away, which means it’s time for special sections from the official program. At the second non-wine night of The Fashion Vibes At the VinoGrad site, guests will be treated to an immersive “Travels in Russia” dinner led by Russia’s most famous chef Artem Grebenshchikov (Bourgeois Bohemians restaurant, St. Petersburg).

Artem Grebenshchikov

The concept of the event is a combination of high gastronomy and the best Russian wines. The chef uses farm products from different regions of our country to prepare the dishes, and the special Wine Pairing of Russian wines complements and reveals the taste of each culinary masterpiece.

The dinner will feature four immersive tables, each of which transports the guest into the best time of year in a specific area. What the chef said about them: “One of my favorite things in gastronomy is working with local specialties. Since our country is quite large, our products are also quite large. This time we will build a narrative around the Far East, Krasnoyarsk, Tatarstan and of course we cannot ignore our northwestern region. We will prepare king crab from the Yenisei, muksun, Tatar duck and our local herbs from the Leningrad region,” says Artem Grebenshchikov.

“The gastronomic performance ‘Travel in Russia’, which will take place at SPIEF as part of the VinoGrad thematic platform, is a unique event format,” says Andrey Reut, First Deputy Director of the Roscongress Foundation. “We invite SPIEF participants to an unforgettable gastronomic journey where they will discover the incredible wealth of the best Russian wines and local farm products offered by chef Artem Grebenshchikov, three-time winner of the prestigious Where to Eat restaurant award. The most important thing is that all this happens directly on the SPIEF site. “This is the perfect opportunity for companies to make a lasting impression on business partners or encourage employees and bring the team together at the country’s main forum.”

According to Andrey Reut, there is a huge boom in winemaking in Russia. This is due to the support measures taken by the government and the enthusiasm of winemakers who are ready to invest their time, money and soul into the product. In this context, enogastronomy (pairing food with wine) is growing in popularity.

“The enogastronomic format is gaining momentum. I believe that just as the world of wine is not complete without food, food is also incomplete without wine. I’ve always said that wine is the new spices; this is the option where one enriches the other,” adds chef Artem Grebenshchikov.

Famous directors took part in the direction of the show, which blended theater history with gastronomy. Every meal served to guests is accompanied by music, original multimedia and lighting solutions. This year from the production to St. Petersburg director Stepan Pekteev is in charge. A special area will be built for the show, designed for a certain number of guests who will enter and be instantly immersed in the atmosphere of high gastronomic art.

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