Three Vinted accounts to absolutely follow to find vintage pieces at low prices

  • Lexy Vintage, for her upcycled creations

  • Marie Thvn for quality classics

  • Vintage time for Y2K nuggets

Vinted is full of treasures, as long as you know how to look. For thrift enthusiasts who appreciate pieces from another decade, here are five vintage tales whose wardrobes are worth the detour.

Have you exhausted all the thrift stores in your city, rummaged through the corners of family closets, but your thirst for vintage is still not satisfied? No problem, Tick ​​tock it’s here for you. And in particular the fashion influencer and second-hand expert @fansiefriperie whose advice on the platform gives all the keys to navigating Vinted like a professional and finding jewelery at low prices.

Recently, the TikToker listed her favorite Vinted accounts for finding beautiful vintage pieces. Here are our 3 favourites.

Lexy Vintage, for her upcycled creations

We open the ball with @lexyvintage, also present on Tik Tok and Instagram, a sewing professional who combines textures in original upcycled creations. On Vinted he offers his revisited pieces at prices ranging from 10 to 60 euros.

Marie Thvn for quality classics

The vintie @mariethvn offers new products every day to expand her wide selection of simple and chic vintage clothing, where the decades intertwine. An ideal account for putting together a look back to school or find elegant androgynous pieces for less than 50 euros.

Vintage time for Y2K nuggets

Attention fans of the Spice Girls, 90s aesthetics or 2000s sass: @heurevintage has everything you need. Whatever your desires, or your budget, Vintie offers a rich selection of clothing and accessories ranging from 10 to 90 euros.

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