“Everything is behind us”: Amber Heard changed her name and moved to another country as she divorced Johnny Depp

After the scandalous divorce of Amber Heard and Captains of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp, the actress was forced to move to Spain. An insider told People how she’s living now.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Photo: Getty Images

According to an anonymous source, Amber felt complete defeat after the lost case and realized that moving out with her daughter was a necessity. It turned out that the actress did not introduce herself under her given name, Martha Jane Cannari, while living in Mallorca. However, she later moved to Madrid and gave back her real name. Within a year she began speaking Spanish fluently and realized she wanted to stay in Spain.

Amber Heard with a dog. Photo: social networks

“Amber was distraught before, during and after the hearing. But it’s better now. He was tired and frustrated with the trial. She felt that she was treated badly. But all that is behind us now,” the insider admitted.

Let us recall that the stars got married in February 2015, and on May 23, 2016, Heard filed for divorce from her husband, accusing him of domestic violence. Divorce processes consist of constant counterclaims, accusations and objections.

Source: People Talk

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