“I always think about people more than myself”: Olga Buzova talked about loneliness

Today, the entire Russian show business gathered at the MUZ-TV Awards Gala Dinner. Among the celebrities, Olga Buzova also attracted attention. On the red carpet of the night, the singer talked about how she fell in love with the feeling of loneliness and whether she turned to coaches, psychologists and other experts.

Olga Buzova. Photo: social networks

The TV presenter admitted that she began to pay more attention to rest, so she takes a full day off at least once a week. “I really like solitude. The situation when I’m alone. If there are people nearby, I always think about them rather than myself. Therefore, when I am alone, I have free time for myself,” said Buzova. She added that she likes to spend time by reading books, going to the bath and “breathing fresh air.”

Nowadays it is quite popular to turn to psychologists for help, but judging by Olga Buzova’s answer, the singer prefers to cope with life’s difficulties on her own. “I didn’t go to any specialist. I believe that I am the best expert. Because only I know what can help me, which internal resource will help me get out of this situation. It all comes with experience,” she explained.

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