A drip bowl for kids? Lol, like it really works (no)

As much as we try to imagine objects for little ones that can stop them from doing too many stupid things, it is a failure, as with this drip bowl.

We have already told you about totally useless baby items. Well, here’s one that could be added to the list, as this video demonstrates how it doesn’t work. Have you ever seen a spill-proof bowl that tips over? Now yes.

A bowl that doesn’t survive the child’s test

The idea was still good, after all. This bowl, specially designed so that little hands would not spill its contents, should have prevented a lot of food from being crushed or spilled on the floor. The concept ? The handles around the bowl and its ingenious rotation system ensure that contents, such as milk and cereal, do not spill out.

But this without taking into account the patience and delicacy of children, as you can see in the video below:

Drip bowl: 0 / Child who doesn’t want to fight gravity: 1

In this video – for those who can’t find out – you can see the patience of a toothless person when faced with food that doesn’t spill: he throws the object directly onto the ground, without even asking himself the question of who will clean it up afterwards. These guys are ungrateful, I swear.

So shall we add this bowl to the list of useless objects for children?

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Source: Madmoizelle

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