The three revelations I had during a Lana Del Rey concert

We discovered Lana Del Rey on stage ten years after we started listening to her music. Although she is one of the headliners of Coachella, we wanted to go back to her memories of her concert in Paris last July. A concert that made us rediscover Lana Del Rey, in a different way.

Many of us grew up with Lana Del Rey. I confirmed it at the Olympia, among the 2,824 spectators who had obtained a seat, thanks to a twist fortune miraculous (in line at the ticket office where we are placed random420,000 people were connected on July 3 at 10am) or with the help of hundreds, even thousands of euros.

In the middle of the pit, the young woman right next to me tells me part of her journey to find a place, after having skipped the fateful queue test, despite having been online for five devices Ticket office opening hours:

“I made a bank transfer of €500 to a guy who was selling a post on Twitter. Ten minutes after the transfer I asked him if he had sent the place. He replied: “I’ll answer you later, I’m in Printemps. ” I asked him : “Do you buy a bag with my transfer? » »

Let’s face it: we were waiting for Lana Del Rey’s concert more than anything, with the firm intention of doing everything we could to attend it. Suffice it to say that thewe expected it to be good. Actually, it was much more than that.

In 2023, twelve years later which was revealed to the world, afterwards nine albums Perfect, Lana Del Rey surprised me.

Lana del Rey // Source: tumblr
Source: Tumblr

First revelation: Lana Del Rey has a (truly) extraordinary voice

Changing, unstable, sometimes very serious, sometimes very sharp, sometimes powerful, sometimes broken… Lana Del Rey’s voice It doesn’t look like anyone else and it remained, for years, almost impossible to define.

Discovering this sound live, which is so familiar to us, we cannot do without to be surprised. It’s like we heard it for the first time. How is it possible to have such a sweet, unique and evanescent voice?

L’strangeness that we sometimes experience when we listen to his music was not made in the studio, with software or auto-tune. I understood it when I discovered her on stage: after all this vintage, romantic and melancholic aesthetic of which she is the queen, beyond the density and incredible richness of his musicrenewed almost every year with a new album better than the previous one, Lana Del Rey is above all a voice of extraordinary purity.

Lana del Rey // Source: Honeymoon

Second revelation: Lana Del Rey is incredibly sincere

And this is also a bit why he “only” did the Olympia…

When his concert was announced, many voices were raised asking why Lana Del Rey chose Olympia, when he had enough to fill the Stade de France six times. Was it some sort of “diva whim”? Do you want to experience an intimate concert, like a sort of homecoming, even if you have millions of fans?

At the concert I realized that these answers were just misunderstandings. In fact, Lana Del Rey has much more the choir singer is a stage monstergiving superhuman performances like Beyoncé did a few weeks ago at the Stade de France (it is not surprising, in fact, if Lana Del Rey sang in chorus at the the church throughout his youth).

Lana del Rey // Source: Maya Boukella
Lana del Rey // Source: Maya Boukella

Lana Del Rey he often sings with his eyes closed, a small smile on his lips, as if he was enjoying every moment of this collective moment. His thin voice when he speaks between two songs it is almost evocative a little girlher loose dress is reminiscent of the Victorian era and her the very long hair floating around her makes you wonder if she really touches the ground, since she looks so unreal, evanescent, between two eras and two eras.

To Lana Del Rey, the great it has no spectacular effectsbut rather inside extreme artistic sensitivity and a feeling of overwhelming sincerity.

During the concert, no pauses between songs, no downtime : simply extraordinary generosity and authenticity. When the screen behind transmits images of oceans or stars and, above all, resurrects 12 years of images of Lana Del Rey from her music videos, not crying becomes an achievement.

Lana Del Rey is very attentive to her audience

If you don’t feel well, it will stop everything until you take care of yourself.

Moreover his sublime voice OR his presence so strange, magnetic and overwhelmingthe third surprise of this concert was Lana Del Rey’s account to her audience. Like a diva, reigning together with a few others (Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande…) in the world of pop (even if she is impossible to bind it to a precise musical style), one might expect Lana Del Rey to be content to be polite but rather distant with her audience.

It was nothing like that. This detail will certainly have played a role in the need to choose a human-scale performance hall: Lana Del Rey is extremely attentive to her audience and what is happening in the room. Twice she started a song and then stopped it after a few seconds, noticing that someone was there a faint among the spectators. She resumed singing only after being shielded from the crowd by security.

Another time, she seemed very moved, and was smiling while looking at a specific point in the crowd: following this look, we understood that she was looking a little girl in her father’s arms, dressed in a pretty white dress, reminiscent of hers.

” You are a princess “he whispered into the microphone before starting to sing again.

We would like to answer that you she is a queen.

LDR Coachella 2024 // Source: Instagram screenshot
LDR Coachella 2024

5 of Lana Del Rey’s best songs

Pending Lana Del Rey’s return to France (the date is set for August 21, 2024 in Rock-en-Seine, and of course we already have our seats), here are five titles that will shock you. The list is obviously not exhaustive and we can’t wait for you to tell us in the comments what are your favorites, across his prolific discography.

A&W (Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd, 2023)

White Mustang (Lust for Life, 2017)

Burning Desire (Chemtrails on the Country Club, 2021)

Cinnamon Girl (Norman Fucking Rockwell, 2019)

Norman fucking Rockwell (Norman fucking Rockwell, 2019)

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