Agata Muceniece showed off her vocal talents. Subscribers were shocked

Agata Muceniece recently told her fans that she has started practicing vocals. And although, according to the actor, he has not yet done it perfectly, he is still proud of the result achieved.

Agata Mutsenietse. Photo: social networks

In a new video published on a banned social network, the girl performs Anastacia’s hit song “Left Outside Alone”. “I’m very worried, very scared! But Elena Chepina and I worked for a long time, eliminated my “not singing” complex, removed the handcuffs! Yes, there is a lot to work on, but here is our first result!” said the artist, adding with humor that we should expect his solo album at Olimpiysky next year.

Fans perceived the achieved result very highly, many write that with such data Agatha should really be expected soon on the big stage: “A talented person is talented in everything!”, “What a beautiful voice, deep”, “Talent.”

Source: People Talk

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