“I really hope the luggage will be delivered”: Ida Galich was left with nothing in Dubai

Ida Galich traveled to disaster-hit Dubai a few days ago. But it looks like the weather is slowly getting better now. At least Ida Galich still managed to fly there. Today, the blogger is scheduled to speak at an international conference, where Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova and supermodel Carla Bruni will also attend. That’s right, there is something.

Ida Galich. Photo: social networks

The famous Weiner admitted that he was deprived of anything, he no longer had anything to wear, and his expenses were limited. “I really hope the luggage will be delivered. I have no desire to go shopping: 1) I don’t like it. 2) I’ve already allocated a budget for this. And it’s in the bag,” he wrote on his Telegram channel.

Ida Galich will celebrate her birthday soon. Millions’ favorite turns 34. Earlier, the TV presenter told how she plans to celebrate the New Year. This time, he admitted, he decided to stop celebrating loudly.

Ida Galich. Photo: social networks

Source: People Talk

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