What does Pavel Durov’s brother look like?

Night journalist Tucker Carlson interviewed Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram. And despite the fact that the messenger was associated only with him, Durov in an interview said that the real genius was his brother, who wrote the code and password to ensure a sufficient level of security. Pavel himself was responsible for the design and functions.

Tucker Carlson and Pavel Durov. Photo: social networks

We tell you everything that is known about Pavel’s older brother, Nikolai Durov.

Open sources report that Nikolai is 44 years old. And as Pavel said in an interview, even as a child, Italian television programs talked about him as a child prodigy who could solve cubic equations in his head at the age of 10. He later became a world champion in mathematics and programming.

Pavel Durov’s brother is Nikolai Durov. Photo: social networks

In 2006, Pavel Durov and his team of developers founded VKontakte, and Nikolay joined the project as technical director. However, despite his successes in the technology sector, Nikolai Durov prefers to stay in the shadows and avoids publicity.

However, Pavel does not deny his brother’s contribution to the development of the messenger. And he says he is a genius who helped realize the idea of ​​secure communication on the Internet.

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