Gastrofestival “Eat! To look! Love!”: which dishes are worth trying

Looks like we’ve got something fun for you for the rest of spring. From April 18 to May 12, Moscow will hold the third gastrofestival “Eat! To look! With love!”, organized with the support of VK Public Relations Department. More than 50 Moscow restaurants will offer festive sets of various dishes based on your favorite movies. Food and movies are the only things we love!

Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love

This year, your favorite stars are participating in the development of the festival menu. That’s why food blogger Max Brandt collaborates with the Klevo restaurant to conduct gastronomic experiments based on the movie “Waiting for Dali”.

Photo: press service

Chef Grigory Mosin and PESHI invite you to a royal dinner in the spirit of the movie “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession”.

Photo: press service

Actress Anna Tsukanova-Kott inspires restaurant BURO.TSUM to experiment with color based on the Oscar-nominated movie “Wonka,” and blogger Yulia Bozina at MeGoBari reminds us of the atmosphere of the TV series “Friends” through food. Isn’t this a dream?

That’s not all! The festival program includes film screenings, film club and other events that bring together the world of cinema with the world of gastronomy. Thus, as part of the festival, screenings of Ridley Scott’s romantic comedy about winemaking, “A Good Year”, will be held on April 21 and May 5 at the Septa wine library on Bolshaya Filevskaya at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

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