5 wardrobe items that were originally considered masculine. Men can’t wear this anymore

If you’ve dated a fashion-conscious man, you’ve probably heard complaints about the limited selection in the men’s sections of clothing stores. And here it is worth noting that this anger is completely justified. In women’s collections you can find dresses, skirts of different lengths, blouses, capris and all kinds of tops; men, on the other hand, have to make do with less (read: t-shirt and long-sleeved pants and blinders).

But this wasn’t always the case. If you look at history, you will be surprised to see that a large number of wardrobe items were intended for men. Moreover, the first people to wear earrings were not girls, but boys. Are you surprised? Then our new material is a must read.

We’re talking about five things that were created for men and are now only worn by women.


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Nowadays it is quite difficult to imagine a man in a dress, but in Ancient Greece and Rome such clothes did not surprise anyone. On the contrary, representatives of all classes wore chiton and toga, which were the first prototypes of modern dress. But in the Middle Ages, overcoats began to be used – dresses below the knee, with an emphasis on the waist.


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I agree, despite the appearances of Lenny Kravitz and Marc Jacobs, men wearing high heels look as unusual as possible. True, this was not always the case. Previously, such shoes were an integral part of a man’s wardrobe. You can easily see this when you look at the paintings of the past centuries. Representatives of the aristocracy wore high heels to look taller and more representative, and also to add masculinity to their image. Surprising, isn’t it?


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Wearing socks in an uncertain situation? People of the 16th century vote yes. At that time, instead of trousers, it was customary to wear shawls called socks, which were tied to the belt with a garter. Wealthy people wore options made of silk, but representatives of the lower class wore options made of wool or linen. Meanwhile, King Louis XVI of France. Louis believed that men who wore socks showed courage and success. This item entered the women’s wardrobe much later – at the beginning of the 19th century.


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This block could easily fall under the heading of “Surprising but true,” because in ancient times, only men could wear thongs, or loincloths that exposed the buttocks. They were used for protection during physical labor or battles. But now they have become the personification of flamboyant sexuality in the women’s wardrobe (we thank Tom Ford).

over the knee boots

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Over-the-knee boots are one of the most trendy shoe models of recent years. The heroes of street style invite us to combine them with miniskirts, micro shorts, tight dresses or tights. Designers also create models from completely different materials: from leather and latex to denim and suede. But did you know that in the past, only men wore above-the-knee shoes? In the Middle Ages, over-the-knee boots were in demand among riders – they protected their legs while riding. And closer to the 19th century, they became an indispensable element of the army’s wardrobe.

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