Emmanuel Macron dissatisfies 3/4 of French people (and especially women), according to a new survey

According to a new survey, the results of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron are considered predominantly negative in all sectors, particularly among women.

A discontented country. According to an Ifop-Fudicial poll for Sud Radio published on Monday 15 April, 74% of French people consider themselves dissatisfied with the behavior of Emmanuel Macron since his re-election in April 2022, or nearly three-quarters of them.

Almost 8 out of 10 women are dissatisfied with Macron’s behavior

In this survey of 1,005 people aged 18 and over, this dissatisfaction is particularly highlighted among women: 77% of them consider themselves unhappy, or almost 8/10while 71% of men also consider themselves overall dissatisfied with President Emmanuel Macron’s behavior.

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A global discontent which is due to a balance considered negative in all sectors, be it the fight against terrorism, justice or even relations with the European Union. But it is in the economic and social field that the results are particularly severe, especially in terms of purchasing power. Given the rapid increase in inflation, 88% of respondents consider the president’s actions negative.

Another area in which the French are severe with Emmanuel Macron: the fight against inequalities between territories, where 80% consider themselves dissatisfied, but also the pension reform, which had provoked a strong social movement in 2023, where 77% of those interviewed feel dissatisfied. If Emmanuel Macron wants to reassure himself, he can retrace the information backwards and tell himself so 26% of those interviewed declared themselves satisfied with the results.

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